1 January 2012 by in Just Writing, 2 Comments

So many ideas, so many directions. 2011 was a proving ground of just what I am capable of achieving. What I learned is that I am capable of so much more than I thought. Far more than I even accomplished. This newfound discovery has opened my eyes and the possibilities for the next year. Now […]

Social Media in 4D

23 August 2011 by in #WhyGuy, Video, 4 Comments

I was working on a presentation that illustrates how businesses/professionals who are doing anything with online interactive media, even if they have no idea what they are doing, are way ahead of those who are still trying to figure how to use these various tools to promote themselves. With a 4D perspective you begin to […]


17 July 2011 by in #WhyGuy, Comments Off on Astrolabe

  In business, you’re constantly exploring the next best course of action.  Recently, while reading Scott Stratten’s book Unmarketing, where he talked about Version 2.0 and how some people never get their ideas off the ground because they are paralyzed with making it perfect before launching, I was reminded of how valuable just getting started […]

Say Anything

14 June 2011 by in #WhyGuy, 2 Comments

  What’s the most important thing to think of when you are using social media?  If you’re a student of the obvious then you know it’s all about expression.  A little thing I like to call “SHARE THE NOW.” Twitter asks, “What’s Happening?” Facebook, “What’s on your mind?” or “Write something…” LinkedIn, ” Ask a […]


3 June 2011 by in #WhyGuy, 1 Comment

I’ve written about constructing the perfect Twitter bio before but I saw one this morning that really got my Why Guy senses tingling.  My wife and I recently purchased a new home, and in the search for a few last details we reached out to the internet to research and comparison shop.  That’s how I […]


21 May 2011 by in Just Writing, Comments Off on Vivify

  My mind is moving at a quickening pace with ideas.  I should be relaxing, I am on my honeymoon after all, but I have a little downtime and when what you do is more fun than relaxing by the pool or playing a round of golf, it’s hard to equate it to work. I […]

Changing Themes

28 April 2011 by in #WhyGuy, Comments Off on Changing Themes

I am in love with the concept of personal branding.  However, there comes a time when your brand becomes so big that changing design, culture or pretty much anything else, becomes too much of a challenge.  This is a very critical time in the evolution of “you” as a brand.  This is one of the […]


22 April 2011 by in #WhyGuy, 2 Comments

I have shoes on my mind these days.  I’m not a fashion conscious kind of guy.  It’s always been pretty simple, one pair of tennis shoes, flip flops and occasionally some dress shoes for the inevitable wedding/funeral.  Well, I need to update my one pair of sneakers and I have been thinking about the implications of […]


14 March 2011 by in #WhyGuy, Comments Off on Aspect

I have this theory about the current evolution of mankind.  There’s this new social-chromosome developing in some people and not in others, and there now exist in society a divide between those who are advancing with the current speed of communication and those who are not.  Don’t get me wrong – I do not believe […]


28 February 2011 by in #WhyGuy, Comments Off on Interpersonal

or… What I learned about Networking from The Oscars Take a look at the history of movies and you learn a thing or two about human relationships.  Really think about it for a moment.  Last night’s win of The King’s Speech is a good illustration of how, we as humans, are willing to pay money […]